Thursday, May 15, 2008

I actually wanted...

I was going to ramble about a few things, but I am too tired to think. Would've covered: Bush as a douche for his "appeaser" comments, McCain doubly so for repeating it AND naming Neville Chamberlain, gardening a little because the fibromyalgia subsided for a couple of days, the Democratic victory in Mississippi against a GOPer using Obama as a weapon (Daily Kos) presaging an Obama win in November, John Edwards being a stand-up guy and having the prettiest hair I've ever seen on a man, Bush as a douche for lying about quitting golf (after saying he gave it up as his big sacrifice for the war), maybe some thoughts on the revelation that Einstein called religion a "childish superstition," and kudos to Chris "Tweety" Matthews for ripping apart that know-nothing right-wing radio talk show host on his show, but I'm pretty beat.

Days like this, frozen pizza rocks.


Susan said...

Please tell me you're kidding about the golf.


DeppityBob said...

Not kidding. Duhhhbya said he had a huge epiphany one day after he was pulled off the golf course and realized it was bad form for him to be seen enjoying himself during war. Of course, it turns out he lied, since videotapes emerged of him playing golf months later. (The statement was made in the spring; he was seen playing golf later in the fall.) Not that it stopped him from biking, fishing, dancing, or other fun things either.