Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why the Quran book burning can be stopped

In short, and very quickly: because it is a terrorist act.

Terrorism is violent acts done to intimidate people, particularly an identifiable group of people, into submission to a political entity. Al Qaeda is political: they want Westerners out of their countries. (We'll leave aside the argument that they are turning every country into "their" country.) The IRA was political. The Palestinians are political. And this Terry Jones is political. He's not doing this for God: he's doing this to protest the community center near Ground Zero. He's doing this to intimidate Muslims. He's doing this to spread fear.

He's using violence to deprive Muslims of their equal enjoyment of American freedoms. That is terrorism.


cinderkeys said...

I rarely disagree with your posts, but here's the rare excetion.

If the KKK burns a cross in their headquarters, it's free speech. If they burn a cross on somebody's lawn, it's terrorism.

As long as this clown doesn't do his little book burning on somebody else's property, he's fine. (Well, stupid and appalling, but legal.) Do you think his actions will intimidate even one Muslim from practicing her faith?

I don't know the fine details of this story, so you can let me know if I'm missing something.

dj trish said...

Who does This Terry Jones think he is?Is he not
If you think Al Quida is angry now wiat till Jones or someone like him burns a Quran!Talk about putting oil on the fire of hatred!
If we puplicly allow a burning of a Quran they will surely step up terrorist actions in the U.S again.